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This yet again for the thousandth time proved what I have always said: that the so-called noble, gentlemanly Magyar is a most infamous, antidynastic, lying, unreliable fellow, and that all the difficulties which we have in the Monarchy arise exclusively from the Magyars.

You have, Your Majesty, stated in your last kind letter that you consider the Slav danger as the most serious of all for our country. I permit myself completely to be of your opinion…. But where is the root of the evil? Who served as teacher for all these elements? Who are the people who achieve everything by revolutionary pressure and blackmail? The Magyars.

Who, even a few years ago, had heard of the Young Czechs or the radical antimilitarist Czechs; who had heard of the Slovene question, of trialism, of Czech schools, of the South Slav question, of Slavization of entire communities and counties etc., etc.? Prague, for instance, was a German town; now you are half-killed if you speak a word of German. The Slavs behave in this way only because they copy the disrespectful behavior of the Magyars and see how they achieve everything by their shameless methods. I am completely convinced, and could go bail for it, that the moment a stop is put to these shameless Magyar intrigues (which would be quite easy to do, since the Magyar as a true Hun and Asiatic always boasts but then gives way in the face of energetic action) the Slavs would end their violent onrush and would again submit calmly and quietly to the culturally far superior German.

1909 letter, Archduke Franz Ferdinand to Kaiser William II

Food for thought on the true origins of modernity’s catastrophes, as parliamentarians in Budapest, in 2012, call for lists to “tally up people of Jewish ancestry who live here, especially in the Hungarian parliament and the Hungarian government, who, indeed, pose a national security risk to Hungary.”