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Discursive formations

Watching ever-more regal Hillary speak. Does it annoy others that people just say things like “I want to reject X in the strongest possible terms” without actually having to think up strong terms?

Hitler’s war brought European politics back to reality. The Habsburgs had attempted to provide a third way between Germany and Russia; they had failed, and none other existed…Still, the western Powers, England and America, had nothing to offer in eastern Europe except protests; quite apart from military aid, they were not even prepared to assist the shifting of industrial power to eastern Europe, which is the only solution of the “German question.” If Anglo-American policy were successful and Russia compelled to withdraw behind her frontiers, the result would not be national liberation; it would be the restoration of German hegemony, at first economic and later military. Or rather, it would be national liberation of’ a sort, for the unchecked working of the national principle was itself an instrument of German hegemony. Slovakia and Croatia could be “independent nations” only in a German system.

—A.J.P. Taylor, The Habsburg Monarchy, 1908-1918. Published 1948.  

Actually watching Olympics…

For those used to the pads, baggy shorts, and pitcher paunches of the usual professional sports (or not), it’s kind of shocking how non-existent, skin-tight, or both to the point of NSFW the uniforms are. Is a concern for participant modesty and spectator decency while watching these beautiful people do bizarre kinky things with their bodies the reason these sports never much graduated beyond “amateur” curiosity?  

For some reason, reading old, politically indignant reviews of Zach Snyder’s 300 (example). It’s funny how in 2007 that movie could seem so obviously ideologically suspect—if not downright raci(ali)st—because clearly the Greeks were meant to stand for free, responsible (i.e, tax-paying!) Occidentals against the Thermopylae-rushing, bailout-seeking hordes of the East! 

Persians are still boogeymen, of course. But I dare say we identify with them far more than their old blood enemies. Really, does anyone fear the Peloponnesian Bomb? 


The Holmes–Cruise divorce, with hopefully juicy revelations about Sea Org, Xenu, etc., will prove to be a very bad thing for the Romney campaign. Because what’s the difference, really?

Things to do immediately:

Either read my take on Fiona Apple for the New York Observer or, to get what I was trying to say (and so much more!), listen to ”Jonathan” from The Idler Wheel Is Wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More than Ropes Will Ever Do.

If for some reason you choose option #1, be kind; by sheer volume of smart, wonderful words thereupon written, a Martian would think the new Apple is destined to move ten or twenty times the units this week as the new Bieber. Or whatever. Be kind to me—or treat me mean. I’ll make the most of it; I’m an extraordinary machine. 

This is extremely disrespectful, not merely to a person who should not be disrespected, but also to basic chronology

Fiona Apple’s career thus far has been been suitably tumultuous and bizarre for such a brazen and eccentric musician. 

On the eve of the release of her fourth album, ‘The Idler Wheel…’, DIY offers up a brief introduction to this sad lady at a piano who’s got everyone in a tizzy. If you’re a fan of Grizzly Bear or Regina Spektor, we could have your favourite new artist right here. 

So when I watch TV, and TCM isn’t on, I just switch channels and look at all the information about everything. The internet is perfect for that, which is why I didn’t really want to get a computer in the first place. I thought, “If I have a computer and know about this whole Google thing, I am not going to be able to sit still for a second; I’m going to think about something and then have to look it up.”

—Fiona Apple, obviously.